腕に対する警告!!! (腕のある人たちへ)

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あなたには腕を伸ばすことはできません。腕はすでに本来の広がりを持っていますー筋肉をストレッチすることによって骨を長くできると思っていますか? それと同じことです。












本当の自助論 !
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*** ENGLISH ***


Warning To All Arms!!! (about the people who own them)


Many people are mean to their arms.

They push them, boss them about, put them in strange positions and try to hold them in place – when what they need to be doing is letting them move.

I decided today that your Arms need an advocate – ME.

I want to warn arms against the people who think they know better what to do with an arm than the arm does itself.

Now, this may all seem a little weird – giving an arm a personality, and putting it up against you. But isn’t that what you do to your arms a lot of time?

“Oh, my shoulder is bothering me again!”

And lots of arm trash talk like that.

And the worst one of all….

Trying to widen your arms across the chest. You can’t widen your arms. They are already as wide as they are going to be – what, you think you can make a bone get longer just by stretching the muscles?

Anyway, it happened in class that an accomplished Violinist was telling Cathy – who is currently visiting Japan – that she could not tremolo – the quick back and forth of the bowing arm that produces a trembling sound – without a lot of strain and fatigue in her arm. Another arm complaint – as if it was the arms fault!

Not the arms fault. Arms belong to you. You decide what to do with your arms. Stop blaming your arm for all your trouble.

Of course, now I am not very kind to you!

You’re innocent too – just as the violinist was innocent. She didn’t know what she was doing to her arm; she just knew that her arm was starting hurting when she played tremolo too long. And it was hard to perform correctly – to go that fast.

And the culprit was a tiny little muscle that had been pushed out of play by a more aggressive idea in the mind of the player.

All the secrets are revealed in an online video of the lesson – fast forward to the middle to find the hero of the tremolo, and hear for yourself how the sound changes. But only available to people who book to come to Pro. Write to me for the link once you have booked.

Arms are embracers, so please embrace them.

Make this “Be Kind to My Arms” week.

The video is what happens in a Pro class. Which – dear reader – you know you have an opportunity to visit to a live session right now. Not long left – go here and book a visit while you can.



本当の自助論 !
Helping You to Help Your Self